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Welcome to Chilliwack web design company Bergetti Web Design. We have been in business in Chilliwack, BC, since 2001. Our services include e-commerce website development, organic search engine optimization (SEO) for personal and business websites, WordPress website development, WordPress website updates, WordPress security, web hosting, and website analytics. Over the last 16 years we have designed websites for companies in Australia, Phillippines, Czech Republic, Germany, and Canada. Give us a call and let's see if we can build a website for you as well.

Who we are

Bergetti Web Design is owned and operated by Martin Sladek who studied web design in Queensland, Australia. With 16 years of web design experience, he will create a website for you that will suite your vision, needs, and promote your business.

What we do

We build web sites that are functional, easy to navigate, professionally presented, aesthetically appropriate to their intended purpose, and with clear focus on the concept of informing rather than entertaining the consumer.

Our Philosophy

Our customers’ satisfaction is our number one priority and we always follow through with our promises. Your calls and e-mails will get answered immediately, and your website updates finished on the same day you submit them to us.


Here is a list of services we offer...


Thinking of having an online store? We can get your store up and running in less than a week. We will setup payment gateways, tax codes, and shipping for you. All you have to do is add your inventory.

Please contact us via e-mail at or call us at 604-791-9027 to setup a meeting.


Search engine optimization is critical for success of your website. Ideally you want to be listed in the top 10-20 listings on the most popular search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo.

Our SEO strategy involves analyzing your competitor’s website, creating meta tags and text, submitting your site to Google, and providing you with before and after analysis of your site’s ranking after Google re-indexes your website. Your site’s performance will be monitored for 3 months, and keywords adjusted as necessary for free as part of our SEO package.

E-mail us at or call us at 604-791-9027 if you’re interested in getting your website optimized for search engines.


Looking for a clean, easy to navigate, responsive, mobile friendly website? We can help you with that. WordPress adds limitless functionality to your website through widgets, sliders, animation, YouTube video, site search, and more.

Need a Wordpress site fast? Contact us via e-mail at or call us at 604-791-9027


Web hosting provides you with physical space on a web server where your website files will reside. The web server is constantly connected to the internet with several high-speed connections. The server is managed by the hosting company so you do not have to worry about server maintenance, upgrades, configuration, and security of your files. We recommend the following hosting companies because of their features, reliability, and low monthly cost. E-mail us at or call us at 604-791-9027 if you need help selecting the right hosting company for your website.

• ($1.99 USD/mo)

[Disclosure: is an affiliate of iPage and receives compensation from iPage for recommending their hosting services.]


Analytics are extremely important for a number of different reasons. The main reason being, once you understand your visitors’ behavior you can optimize your website to improve results.

E-mail us at or call us at 604-791-9027 if you’re interested in setting up website analytics on your site.


A domain name ( allows others to access your website directly with an easy to remember name instead of using a numeric IP address. Registering a domain name secures that specific internet address for you. No one else can use that particular domain name on the internet.

To register a .CA domain name, go to Sibername. All other common domains can be registered through a hosting company of your choice. To find out if a domain name is available use the WHO IS? search engine. If possible use a domain name with the keywords you wish customers to find you by.

E-mail us at or call us at 604-791-9027 if you need help selecting the right domain name for your website.


Here are a few samples of websites we have completed for our clients.




You can reach us at the following address:
47042 MacFarlane Place, Chilliwack, BC, V2R 0P3


Email your questions to the following email address:


From Monday to Friday, 9:00 – 18:00, call us at:


We take your inquiries seriously. For every question you ask we will provide an answer so you can then decide if we are the right fit for you.


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